Experimentelle Strukturen von J. MAYER H.


Excerpt from the press release: “For the museum’s 10-metre high exhibition space J. MAYER H. has developed a walk-in installation. Walls and floor are clad in carpeting, on which data security patterns are printed in black and grey. The work’s space-consuming concept negates the strict geometry of the entrance hall. The considerably enlarged, repeating patterns produce a flickering impression and transform the white cube into a playful scenario of interpermeating forms and structures. Supplementary three-dimensional models translate the two-dimensional patterns into concrete forms. The catalogue of the exhibition includes various illustrations, explanatory texts and a commented biography.”

Berlin, 2011
The Green Box

Publikation zur Ausstellung
Berlinische Galerie, Berlin 16.09.2011-09.04.2012


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Installation at Berlinische Galerie