With our proposal Clouds, Nodeul Art Island becomes a landmark in Seoul and in the country as a whole. Featuring cloud-like structures and floating architectural designs, it turns into an iconic blend of nature and culture, offering dynamic art spaces, performance areas, and outdoor sculpture parks.

Invited International Competition, 2nd Prize

2024 – ongoing

Seoul, Republic of Korea


With Clouds, Nodeul Art Island becomes a landmark in Seoul and in the country as a whole. The transformation highlights an undulating floating cloudlike structure in the center of the river which fuses nature and culture and expresses the city´s innovative spirit. Nodeul Global Art Island is a social place for urban vibrancy and natural serenity, offering a diverse exciting experience. The existing cultural center is the basis for the transformation to form a harmonious unity with the citizens’ everyday life, protected from wind and sun.The flowing and continuous overall design is embedded within a strong presence of art space, performance interventions and outdoor sculpture, particularly on a new art promenade above the roofs of the cultural center. New art and event spaces intertwine with natural spaces. 

The undulating contours of the island‘s waterfront blur the boundaries between water and land. Visitors are invited to enjoy their time with and near the water. The elevated skywalk and panorama path in the trees combine areas of green nature and the city scape around. Cohabitation of animals, plants and humans enhances biodiversity and the microclimate.

Floating platforms extend the boundary between land and water, flat inclined ramps playfully overcome walls, winding paths circle the treetops and organic structures mingle with the clouds. A floating stage towards the west and facing the sunset is hosting vibrant cultural events that resonate with the rhythm of the river, the seasons of the year and the ritual holidays of the country. Nearby, elevated viewing decks offer panoramic vistas, providing contemplation or opportunities for sports activities. Floating pontoons extend gentle invitations to wander and explore, while secluded bathing facilities offer quiet spots for relaxation. Light and sound installations complete the immersive experience of a visit to Nodeul Global Art Island during the day, sunset and long into the night. That is the moment when clouds float like colorful lanterns over the Han River. 


Seoul Metropolitan Government

Partner in charge:
Jürgen Mayer H.
Andre Santer

Dr. Paul Angelier
Lars Becker
Max Margorskyi
Mehrdad Mashaie
Jens Seiffert

Local Architect: Tomoon Architects, Seoul
Consulting engineers: Buro Happold, Berlin