Jürgen Mayer H. at TU Berlin PLEČNIK Symposium

PLEČNIK NOW ! Exploring Public Space and Urban Porosity

Symposium at the Institute of Architecture – 04.11.2022 – starting at 4.30 PM
Address: Institut für Architektur – Forum & Lobby – Straße des 17. Juni 152 – 10623 Berlin

Architect, urban planner, designer and artist – Jože Plečnik was one of the most versatile
architectural personalities of the first half of the 20th century. As a student of Otto Wagner, he himself was a source of inspiration to many generations of architects to follow. In the spirit of Human Centered Urban Design – the title of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention – his architectural, artistic and urban planning work was primarily created in Ljubljana. Plečnik’s architecture celebrates the city as a stage for human life and public space as a place of community and democracy. Plečnik understood social space as a public resource and fabric which constitutes the livable city.

The symposium questions if Plečnik is up-to-date as a role model for Human Centered
Urban Design. What can we learn from Plečnik?

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