Green arcades give Cologne Central Station a new look. Deutsche Bahn also demonstrates with this design its sustainable approach in terms of infrastructure.

Cologne Main Station

2021 – 2023

Cologne, Germany


J. MAYER H. has won the design competition for the new façade of Cologne Main Station on Breslauer Platz. By choosing this proposal, Deutsche Bahn has made a clear decision for a responsible approach to our natural resources. The side of the rail station facing the bus terminal will be given an impressive façade that frames the square with an innovative use of space. Deutsche Bahn’s commitment to sustainability is made visible in an ideal way at this key Cologne junction, a crucial hub for rail transport all across Germany.
The existing pavilion structure at Breslauer Platz will be transformed into an arcade featuring rooftop greenery. This will be an extension of the triangular pavilion roof of the subway entrance, creating a unified overall façade. It will be added to the existing historical components of the rail station as a new, contemporary component, protecting travelers from the weather and providing shade for the restaurants and bars. Both entrances to the main station will thus be emphasized and intuitively recognizable as points of access.

Featuring local flowers, grasses, and trees, the rooftop landscaping will emphasize Deutsche Bahn’s ecological commitment. The rainwater collection on the roofs will also contribute to an improvement of the local urban climate.
The façade itself will largely avoid the use of CO2-intensive construction materials, instead relying as far as possible on recycled products and/or recyclable materials.
According to Cologne’s mayor Reker, “Due to its special architecture, this design sets quite new urban accents: it’s climate friendly, inviting, and open -just like our city itself.”


Deutsche Bahn AG

Partner in charge:
Jürgen Mayer H.
Hans Schneider

Marcus Blum
Noah Ehlers
Paul Rindt

Façade and architectural life-cycle consulting: Werner Sobek AG
Visualizations: bloomimages, Berlin


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