The city of Seoul launched the competition to enhance the urban qualities of the capital and to improve the quality of life for its residents. Out of many submissions, six were selected by the committee for meeting the high standards of concepts for a sustainable city and for having designs with international appeal.

Invited competition

Seoul, Republic of Korea

2024 – 


Cheongdam, the “clear water,” epitomizes purity and a natural living environment. The sight of water conveys the elemental impression of organically flowing movement within natural cycles, which form the basis for growth and culture. The sustainable use of water and greening with plants is a central concern in the development of the Cheongdam Tower. This theme is the starting point for its flowing, organic design with green terraces and protective façade waves that surround the building like ripples of a drop on the water surface. The Cheongdam Tower forms a living, breathing organism in the urban landscape.
Winding paths lead through open, green spaces with water features, cross cultural events and luxurious commercial zones and finally open up wide views of the city and the Han River from the green roof terrace. The newly created public spaces offer green oasis in the noisy city and at the same time an ideal place of identification for the development and documentation of K-Culture, which broadcasts the latest trends to the world from this location. 

The Cheongdam Tower forms the center of the Korean fashion and K-Culture scene in Seoul and impressively reflects the contemporary attitude to life, in which nature and culture are combined with high-end living and luxury consumption. It stands out symbolically in the urban space and represents an unmistakable point of attraction with international appeal.

The design of the Cheongdam Tower, with its organically evolved and greened volume clad in a thin, protective louver, creates a distinctive sculptural silhouette. It symbolically stands out in the urban space, representing a unique focal point with international allure.


Partners in Charge:
Jürgen Mayer H.
Andre Santer

Dr. Paul Angelier
Lars Becker
Lilli Kroher
Max Margorskyi
Jens Seiffert

Asia Holding Company, Seoul

Local Architect:
Tomoon Architects, Seoul
Consulting engineers:
Buro Happold, Berlin
Urban planning and management:
Arum, Seoul